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Teams trained for hostile environment

12 delegates prepare for travel overseas. The practical security and first aid training provides realism and provokes thought while instilling a safer ethos towards overseas travel.

Intensive training for 150 Delegates

150 delegates from around Europe have completed a 5-day in country training package in Georgia. Over a five week period in April and May, delegates from across Europe were trained in safety, security, travel, medical and mobility off road driving. The total number trained in Georgia alone since August 2009 now totals 450 staff.

Tanker Operator interview Fox Delta

Tanker Operator, the world’s leading magazine for tanker operations, speaks to Fox Delta. In their April 2010 issue, piracy is discussed to address some of the measures that should be taken against being attacked by pirates. Read the article: “The question of piracy in and around the Middle East/East Africa and elsewhere will not go away until the world’s governments lend a hand to bring some stability to the area”.

International IT company train for Afghanistan

IT company with 50,000 employees and revenue of €5.5 billion across 40 countries is trained by Fox Delta for travel to Afghanistan. Delegates receive safety, security and medical training.

Ambassadors train for Overseas Deployment

Ambassadors, Political Advisers and Security Experts conducted a 5-day HET course for their travel to remote and hostile countries.

The team of twelve were experienced travellers and valued the dedicated training reducing exposure to risk while enhancing teamwork.

Haiti – Close Protection for US giant

The crisis in Haiti brings Fox Delta to provide Close Protection and logistics support in Port au Prince, Haiti, for global consultancy company and reconstruction project.  At short notice, Fox Delta deploys team immediately working with local infrastructure to provide safety and reassurance for US client.

HET training for Ambassadors

12 delegates from across Europe receive safety, security and medical training.  Preparation is key before travelling to post conflict countries.

Training in Israel

Delegates in Israel receive safety and medical training. Working in West Bank and Gaza has its risks and our training provides good preparation for the teams.