Great team and a pleasure to be with, very professional and a slick operation

Energy Company, Middle East  

Thanks a lot for an intensive weeks time, where I really got something to think about. Even though I've been in several UN missions I learned that it's not the same as being in control of a convoy or dealing with a first aid incident. It was very useful and I'm glad to have been in the course

Supranational Delegate  

The team were most impressive, briefed me on arrival on board, trained the crew and made them aware of these procedures, and gave us confidence transiting through the Gulf of Aden - we highly recommend these guys

Ship's Captain  

I appreciated the training very much. The content was relevant and well balanced; the trainers' approach very interactive. The trainers' skills and knowledge clearly based on a broad experience in conflict environment. It was a great pleasure to work with all of you and it was an extremely useful and informing experience

EU Delegate, Master in Training & Development/University of Sheffield  

Many thanks for this highly valuable training document which will help us to stay alert on any security issue, and provide a standard within the mission. This will also help me personally in my security officer duty to constantly advise staff members to refer to this document, as a reminder to what they were taught

EU Security Officer  

I wanted to express my thanks to all the instructors, this course was just great, if every instructor could be as professional as they were, we would nearly live in a perfect world. It was in my opinion the best course I followed in my life, really great

EU Field Officer  

Thanks for the training last week; it was informative and useful, the practical elements made the course. I would definitely like to stay in touch

Headquarters Operations Desk  

Your full engagement really made the course. You are very perceptive, which I noticed throughout the course, and you have a very good judgement of how to deal with situations. With my background and all experience I have from hostile countries, your course covered mainly everything. Thanks!

European Commission, Sweden  

Many thanks for the excellent course which made me much more aware of security issues.

Political Advisor for Central Asia  

It was a real privilege to work with you

Principal, Global Consultancy Group  

Thank you very much for a very interesting week of information. I really enjoyed it.  See you probably somewhere around the world.

European delegate from Holland  

HEST was useful and interesting for all of us, thanks to your exceptional professionalism and exciting sense of humour.

European delegate  

Thank you very much for the HEST training.  It was really interesting to participate to all the activities.  At first because of qualities of the instructors and your teaching ability.  Next because of the English language which was really adapted to our level.  Finally because when I will be back to my squadron I will talk about this experience to other Gendarmes!

French Gendarme  

It was really very interesting and I personally appreciate your endeavours and proficiency during the entire training session.

Romanian delegate  

Thanks, it was great pleasure to attend your training. I've found it very professional, interesting and useful.

EU delegate  

Thanks a lot guys for your focused training sessions.  It was valuable as well as fun for me as a civilian to get fresh knowledge, new views and approaches about security and related issues.   You give energetic training.

Delegate from EU  

This course was both stimulating and relevant.  It has helped me and my team become aware of
the unique threats whilst working here in Afghanistan, and has provided us with
real world solutions to enable us to work here in a safer way.  Thanks to Ben and his excellent team.

Coalition Police Officer  

I've done several of these HEAT courses both with the German Army and the UN.  I have to say yours was the most relevant and accesible. Thank you.

Former NGO member  

A well informed and thorough document with some very pertinent
recommendations.  We feel that we have a much deeper understanding of our
working environment and have a clear strategy for enhancing our security
structure.  Thank you.

Management Consultancy  

Fascinating course. The medical phase was absolutely first class

Medical training for Iraq 

I've been in the British Police Force for over 25 years and was pretty reticent about attending another HEST course.  I have to say, I have nothing negative to say about the training.  It totally exceeded my expectations.  Ben and his team have a unique style of delivery which enables him to relate to a very broad student base.  I would defiantly attend another of his courses.

Senior British Police Officer serving with Supernational  

We really enjoyed this training.  Despite already having been here for quite a number of years, it was a great reality check for
us.  The trainer’s knowledge was impressive and their delivery was pitched at exactly the right level. Thanks.

Management consultancy  

Thanks very much Ben. Great course pitched right and delivered exceptionally.  5 Stars!

Global Consultancy Giant  

Given the incredibly difficult circumstances in which this training is being delivered here in Ukraine, we all feel that it is a first class product and you and your team are at the top of your industry.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment.


Thanks again for the great training.  You consistently deliver for us.

UK Government Contractor - Kabul  

Thank you for a really outstanding package.   I've
been on numerous security trainings over the years and yours was really excellent.
You listened to our needs, were always willing to advice on other issues and
were a positive influence on our operation.  We look forward to the next


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