Fox Delta is a risk management company. We operate worldwide, particularly in medium and high risk environments.

Our aim is to help our clients conduct their business wherever they are and whatever the security risks they face. We achieve this through providing realistic and workable systems to reduce their exposure to the prevailing threats.  This is done by supplying security consultants (boots on the ground), but also by empowering our clients to reduce their own exposure through training.

Our core strength lies in the expertise of our teams. Fox Delta’s approach is to use the very best men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds both Military, Police and civilian.  We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier operators and trainers with extensive operational backgrounds. Our Security Staff, medics, fire officers and driver Trainers and are best in class.

Fox Delta operates to the highest of standards of business ethics, gender and cultural awareness, wherever we are engaged. Our business practices and service delivery always reflect this. By employing both international and local staff, we also give local communities an involvement in our projects.

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