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Fox Delta trains global consultancy firm in Sudan 2012

After carrying out a country wide risk assessment, we then worked with our client to design and help implement a workable security plan to help mitigate their exposure to the threats. Lastly, we conducted a practical training
program bringing all the elements together.

Fox Delta trains EU in Fire Awareness for their mission in Ramallah OPT

Fox Delta has just returned from a successful trip delivering fire awareness training for the over 30 staff for the EU mission in
Ramallah. This was a highly practical course run by our own in-house
senior fire-fighter.

Third year of trading

After a hugely successful second trading year, Fox Delta is now well into its third year of trading

Fox Delta now ISO 9001 compliant

Fox Delta is committed to delivering a world class product
for its clients and is delighted to announce that it has now achieved ISO 9001
Quality Management certification.

Fox Delta launches European Office

Fox Delta is proud to announce the opening of a continental European office in Spain. This second office is situated to better
service our EU based clients.

Fox Delta now in Afghanistan

Fox Delta is now running Hostile Environment Awareness and medical courses in Kabul, Afghanistan. Our clients include both Supranational and private organisation. We are also advising on their standard risk management procedures and contingency

Fox Delta celebrates second year trading

Fox Delta today celebrates its second year in providing services worldwide. We would like to thank all our clients and wish you a successful year.

Training in South Caucasus

Over 150 delegates from across the 27 EU member states undergo security/safety, medical and off-road driver training. The practical and rigorous training prepares delegates for the risks associated in this delicate region while providing extremely useful life-long skills.

Training in the West Bank

Our HEST training takes Fox Delta to Israle and the West Bank. 65 delegates from across Europe conduct security, travel safety, medical and driver training.

Training in Brussels

Twelve delegates conduct HEST training in preparation for their overseas trips to hostile areas.